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Featured Events:
Collabora88 (October 8 - November 5, 2017)
Season's Story (October 10 -31, 2017)
Project Se7en (September 30 - October 30, 2017)

Hair: Daphne by Doux
Hair Bangs: Bangs A by Barberyumyum
Scarf: Harvest Scarves by Disorderly @ Project Se7en
Dress: Warm Sweater by Pixicat @ Collabora88
Socks & Shoes: Sunset by Moon Amore @ Collabora88

"Harvest" Jug of Sunflowers by Dust Bunny @ Collabora88
Nightglow Birds by Half-Deer @ Collabora88

"Autumn Breakfast" by Disorderly @ Season's Story
Tables & Chairs (rare)
Breakfast Tray (rare)
French Toast Plain
Waffles Apple
Waffles Plain
Pancakes Apple
Muffin Plate
Muffin Stand
Donut Plate
Donut Stand
Danish Apple

Feature Events:
Shadow Box (October 2017)
The Dark Style Fair (October 14 - November 4, 2017)

Hair: Selma by Emo-tions
Face Tattoo: Shattered Existence by Cureless & Disorderly
Blood Tatttoo: Blood & Wounds by Izzie's
Arms: Sliced Torso (bento hands) by Cureless
Outfit: Good Night by Scandalize @ The Dark Style Fair

"Shadow Box October Dark"  by Death Row DesignsShadow Box 
Bathroom Mirror 
Bathroom Sink
Toilet Paper 
Dirty Laundry

Feature Event:
Salem (October 1 -31, 2017)

Tattoo: Filthy Crimson Butterflies & Tattoo by Aii The Ugly and Beautiful
Outfit: "Nevermore" by Moon Amore @ Salem
Raven's Queen Attire (rare)
Skelly Masks Blood
Candle Shoulders Coal
Crows Trio Bone
Portal Hands Bloody

Feature Event:
Salem (October 1 - 31, 2017)

Hair: G0210 by Tram
Outfit: "Sororis Obscura" by Cureless @ Salem
Sister Lilim Outfit (rare)
Sister Lilim Headdress (rare)
Profane Invoacation Hellfire
Bats Dark
Eyes Succubus Vision Red

Feature Event:
Collabora88 (August 8 - September 5, 2017) 

Hair: Top of the Claes Wig by Lost Junction @ Collabora88
Top & Skirt: Vixen by Pixicat @ Collabora88
Shoes: Claire Boots by Pure Poison @ Collabora88
Eyeglasses: Techno Shades by Nomad @ Collabora88

"Plastic Boyrfriends" by Cureless
 @ Collabora88

Plastic Plaster Scene by Sayo @ Collabora88

Feature Events:
Collabora88 (August 8 - September 5, 2017)
Kagami 2017 (July 17 - August 28, 2017)

Hair: The Bright Hair by Olive @ collCollabora88ab
Hair Bow: Big Plastic Bow by Olive @ Collabora88
Outfit: "Plastilicious" by Moon Amore @ Collabora88
    Overall Dress
    Crop Shirt
Mask: Medic Mask by Titzuki
Shoes: Moody Platforms by Vale Koer

"Plastic Boyfriend" Freddy by Cureless @ Collabora88
Scene & Pose: Puppet Skybox by Sari-Sari @ Kagami

Hair: Monk Hair by Tableau Vivant
"Wasteland Collections" by Death Row Designs (New!)
    Top: Wasteland Torn Tee 
    Bottom: Wasteland Baggies
    Shoes: Dirty Combats
    Gears: Welding Mask & Spear
    Machine: Bone Injector
    Bag: Her Wasteland Backpack

    Apocalyptic Radio (January Group Gift) by Death Row Designs

Hair: "Hairplay" Down Blow (rare) by Tableau Vivant 
Tattoo: Siren Carving by Evermore
Accessories: Tentacle Flowers by Naminoke
Tail: Skelly Mermaid Tail Bento by Moon Amore (New!)

Decor: Glow Stacks by Disorderly (New!)

Feature Event:
The Epiphany (July 15 - August 15, 2017)

Hair:  Little Princess Blondes (common) by Ayashi @ The Epiphany
Outfit: "Gumi" by Momochu @ The Epiphany
    School Cardigan A (rare
    Tattoo Body Blusher (rare)
    Bunny Ears Black
    Panties C Set
    Leg Bandage Bloody C
    Eye Patch Mouth C
Shoes: Alter Platforms by Vale Koer

Decors: "Underground HQ" by Bamse @ The Epiphany
    Monitoring Station (EXCLUSIVE)
    Desk (rare
    Chair (rare)
    Desk Lamp
    Blackmail Material
    Peacemaker Gun
    Brass Knuckle
    Dual Monitors
    Evidence Boxes
    Central Station Computer
    Audio Recorder